Hi! Welcome to my online CV

Because LinkedIn it's to mainstream and more serious.

Here you have a quick summary and also music

Academic background

Here you will find all my studies and formation

Degree in Computer Science

Mention in Software development.

Master Degree in Computer Science

To be able to acquire more knowledge and competences.

Elementary Degree of Music

The first 4 years of the music career, I'm specialized on piano.

Work Experience

Here are all my professional experiences after studying. Covers from my internships in companies to my current job.

Indra internship

This internship was done while I was doing the master degree in computer science.

PhD research assistant

I worked as a research assistant for a PhD student through a research grant in the area known as Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing and Language Engineering.

Oesia internship

After finishing all my studies, my beginning in the working world was with an internship in this company on a project related with the logistic of the warehouses of Inditex.

Software Engineer

I worked on GIS projects and/or with GIS related technologies.

Technical security consultant in software development

Audit of code to detect possible security problems, generating the respective report to notify the client of the problems detected and to carry out the proposed recommended actions.

Scientific publications

Here you will find my small contributions to the scientific world.

How Important is Syntactic Parsing Accuracy?

An Empirical Evaluation on Rule-Based Sentiment Analysis

This paper is the result of my work done as a PhD research assistant of the PhD David Vilares Calvo at Group LYS. This paper was directed and supervised by the PhD Carlos Gómez Rodríguez .

The final draft it's avaliable at Cornell University . You can find the published version of the paper and buy it at Springer .


Here you can find all the recommendation letters that I've until the date from my previous job positions.


Here are all my attendances to computer science related events.

See some photos and all the talks that I have attended.

Codemotion Madrid 2018

This was my first assistance to a computer science related event. I've liked the experience and met a lot of people, I got in touch about what the job market offers and wants plus I got a lot of merchandising from the companies while I was listening to their proposals. Even I could see John Romero playing DOOM! The ambience was very pleasure and I could enjoy the event without problems. I'm sure I'll repeat in the future again if I can.

Here there is the list of the talks that I've attended on the event:

Three Ghosts of Serverless - A look in the Past, Present, and Yet to Come (Oracle)
Chad Arimura
Bots with AI will take your job unless you are a bot developer (for now...)
Andres Pulgarin
You want your apps to be safe? Hack yourself!
Isabelle Mauny
Hacking the blockchain for fun and profit
Oscar Delgado
VR-infographic integrating VR and AR in daily newsroom production workflow
Javier Lasa
ECMAScript 2018 y más allá
Pablo Magaz
Drones como amenaza a infraestructuras críticas. El "Proyecto Interceptor"
David Melendez
IoT and Blockchain frontier even further
Martín Coedo Mestre
Speak up! Reshaping the future of technology using the voice (Amazon Alexa)
German Viscuso
The Early Days of Id Software: Programming Principles
John Romero
Microservicios reactivos con Micronaut
Iván López
Bug Bounty Program, does it help?
Omar Benbouazza
Pwned City: Ciudad sin Ley
Martina Matarí
Ultimate Stack Compilation - Elegimos las herramientas y al final sale bien
Catalina Oyaneder
Desarrolla tu aplicación Android con Kotlin y VIPER!
Alexander Cabezas
Can't you stop looking at you phone?
Marta Peirano

Also, I appear in the official closing video! Can you find me? (Hint: BBVA stand)

Collaborations in projects

A brief summary of what I do on them.

Expanding the projects to reach more people

I'm one of the main translators that helped to translate these projects to Spanish and Galician. On each project I've used different tools that allows to translate easy and quickly from one idiom to other and be able to communicate with other translator during the process.

Here there is the list of the tools that I've used to translate on those sites:

Where you can find me